Some things are so mind-bogglingly huge, fantastic and spectacular that you can't get them into your head.

That's why you need a Gigantoskop!

Who are we?

In 2002 a curse from the dawn of time released the Un-Goth-Mor-Toth-Ling (of Ulm) into the world. Exactly as the seer Malaco the Snivelling had foretold it spread its vile influence over the world and corrupted worldly and spiritual leaders, as well as bringing the clothes from the seventies back in style. Luckily an order of devout monks had been waiting since the curse was first spoken and had secretly prepared. They had trained a dozen handsome, strapping young men to stem the tide of darkness. The battle that finally came proved to be somewhat of a disappointment as Un-Goth-Mor-Toth-Ling (of Ulm) caved in under less than ten minutes. The under stimulated team of evil-bashers then turned to game design to fill their time and formed Gigantoskop - pledging to create challenges that lasted longer. Or as they would say: Big things on a small scale!

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